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Rochalle Racine exudes an edgy power when she walks into a room. Think of her as Christina Ricci’s wild cousin. The daughter of an Iranian immigrant, Rochalle is proud of and deeply connected to her Persian heritage and culture. She is mixed with French ancestry, giving her namesake. Growing up right on the US-Mexico border whilst in a multicultural family has given Rochalle a unique point of view. Her greatest passions are learning and human beings. Constantly in a curious state, Rochalle loves catching up on the latest research in Behavioral Sciences, Anthropology, and many other topics outside of these disciplines.

Her acting career started at a turning point in her life when she lost her father to cancer. It was then she realized life is too short not to be brave and go after your dreams. She has since devoted her time to studying the craft of acting under the Sanford Meisner Technique and honed her process more thoroughly under the the direction of Sonya Cooke through the modern and comprehensive technique known as Seven Pillars Acting. She is now marrying her foundational training with the commercial and theatrical audition techniques taught through Margie Haber studio. Lastly, she is lover of improv and studies with The Groundlings and Improv Theatre.

Rochalle is your gal for the straight man in comedy and modern feminist fatale in dramas. This is best evidenced through her consistent bookings of no-nonsense roles, portraying a strong woman with enigmatic motives and bold attempts to get what she wants whilst simultaneously navigating the messy situations she creates for herself. Rochalle’s unique moon-eyed look and aura that is a little dangerous, makes her the perfect choice for thriller, mystery, or sci-fi. 


Rochalle Racine recently completed a showcase with Actors Studio of Orange County.

Additionally, she wrapped the first season of “A Bad Feeling Horror Podcast,” a horror anthology series, where she has been cast in five roles.

Currently, she has been cast in a short comedic film where she will be navigating a messy situation she created amidst the pandemic. 


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